Steve So Sick

NAME: Steve A.K.A So Sick

BIRTHDAY: 6th of August

HOBBIES: Drinking, Smoking…….. Just kidding writing, watching movies, poetry, song writing, acting, rapping (wouldn’t call this a hobby though because it pays the bills sometimes)


I am a person that you hate for a small period of time, but you love for the rest of your life. I have been taught by life that you need to accept everything and everyone and your battles are not yours to fight because a higher power is watching over you. I am an extrovert with a surprisingly shy side but the cat gets out the bag easily. I believe being spontaneous should be applauded and not looked down upon because you learn so much from people when you don’t allow them to prepare a politically correct answer.


“What’s love worth without the music”


This is a show that aims not only to entertain but to teach and reach out to that person that needs a voice and a friend. It caters for almost every demographic with its blend of community topics and interaction with a dose of wit that might catch you off guard.

When that curtain closes and it’s all said and done I would like to be remembered as the presenter that wasn’t afraid to be disliked for the greater good of reaching and teaching togetherness in this imperfect world.

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