Official Name: Zaccheus Rowliv Kasalu

ROWLIV (inspiration)

A voice, a whisper, a rumble, but much more than that … an ideal. Rowliv is always likely to bringup that one thing you were not thinking of…or the thing you were hoping someone will bring up.

Conversational is the style of his presentation, because you are likely to feel he is talking to you personally. Conversations flow from religious controversy, history of names of places, traditional myth-busting to proverb unlocking etc….

He has not always been a radio personality. He has been a Motivational speaker, Lifestyle coach, as well as Relationship counselor since 1999; A voice coach, music arranger and songwriter since 2001 who has worked in the background helping out some of the renowned producers and artists. He has also been engaged as Computer Tech Support in a number of companies and believe it or not, he was a Plumber and Bricklayer in the early 90s.

Rowliv is a curious being at heart and loves research, travel and always believes in the possibility of another explanation to anything.

ON AIR: SUNDAY to FRIDAY 09–12Hrs. Genres: Gospel, Afro-Mix, Country, Classic Old Zed. Jazz(Lounge)


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