DJ Q Kasuli



Named Francis Suwilanji Mukokwa Mulenga, but better known as Careless Dj Q Kasuli aka Akapondo. He is the last born in a family of 2 boys and was raised by a single mother. His father passed on when I was 4 years old. He started grade 1 at Katondo primary in Kabwe, Central province then moved to Woodlands A school in Lusaka till grade 7. He did his grade 8 to 12 at Arakan High School where I was the sports and entertainment prefect.

It was at Evelyn Hone that he was exposed to on air presenting, but has always been a Club Dj having worked at Cindies VIP Kitwe and in other parts of Zambia.

He is the father of 2 lovely kids… a girl Chishimba and a boy Mwila. He’s currently engaged.

On a personal level, he is very particular with the food he eats and the people that he hangs out with, even though he views himself as a social person.

“A lot people wonder why am known as ‘Careless DJ Q Kasuli Akapondo’, well its very simple bakamba zoona alola, first of all my upbringing was full of hustle which exposed me to responsibility at a tender age. Muntu wandi without kopala life in akapondo there wasn’t going to be DJ Q, but hey kopala muntu wandi is one of the greatest places to be in our mother land Zambia. ..Careless DJ simply means that I just give you the best you desire and deserve, akapondo is simply a hustler who has to make sure positive results are realized. Being the host of the of the best local show in Zambia *ZED SHAKE DOWN* was actually a dream come true because all along I had been trying to find means and ways I can help out Zambian music in terms of promotion.
Currently I am on Copperbelt’s Sun FM and continuing with my job of upbringing Zambian Music to the masses. What I do on air is for people who are mostly over looked in society like the woman in the market, conductors, bus and taxi drivers, students etc…no wonder I sound the way I do because I am for everyone!”

Catch Me on Sun FM on the Flight 24/3 Midnight to 03:00Hrs and The Mixed Grill 12:00 to 15:00

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