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Sun FM is a commercial Radio Station based in Ndola City of the Copperbelt Province and broadcasting on 88.5FM to the Copperbelt, with the medium of Broadcast being English. The Station is a brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs, whose passion is entrenched in broadcasting with a view to providing an effective alternative that everyone can listen to.

Sun FM boasts of being the first Radio Station to broadcast from Ndola City with a radius coverage of 120Km, covering therefore the entire Copperbelt on ONE Frequency, with two broadcast points, that is, Ndola and Chililabombwe.

Sun FM further broadcast to into Central Province on two broadcast points, that is Kapiri Mposhi on 95.9FM and Kabwe on 95.3FM, giving therefore a futher 150km radius coverage. These two broadcast points are meant to cover Mkushi, Serenje, Chibombo and Mumbwa, in addition to Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi.

Sun FM broadcasts 24 hours a day with an underlying approach based on balanced programming aimed at providing music and entertainment, information and an advertising platform. The Station has an all-inclusive music and entertainment policy designed to cater for every listener’s needs, hence the prudently thought out slogan, “Everyone is Listening”.

The Station has a dynamic workforce exposed to modern broadcast ethics and trained to create the tone and style of Radio output derived from the vision, and establishing a relationship with listeners in tandem with the mission and core values.

Sun FM is anchored on four departments, namely News and Current Affairs, Marketing, Production and Programming. The Station also has Administration, Technical and Information Technology as a support department.

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